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Mesut Öztürk

Mesut Öztürk

Paris, France

Poetic places, timeless artefacts & urban formations.

Paris based artist Mesut Öztürk was born in Krumovgrad, People’s Republic of Bulgaria in 1989. After finishing his studies in architecture, he focuses on his ongoing form and structure experiments with clay. While he is experimenting structural possibilities and the limits of the material, he seeks to find ways to translate his contemplations about poetic places, timeless artefacts or the urban formations into ceramic sculptures.

Arch Stool - Mesut Öztürk

Arch stools are open-edition sculptural ceramic furniture derived from the series Revak of the artist which is an ongoing project aiming to create poetical architectural structures composed of arches. While the projected function is stool they can be used as side tables or pedestals.

The stools are results of the attempt combining the two practices of the artist, design and art. While they are hand-sculpted and numbered with a signed certificate, they are functional and open-edition as design pieces.

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