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Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Muyeul Kim or MYK Studio creates various furniture and objects using ceramic materials that can be used and incorporated into everyday life.

By using the natural curves and allowing the forms to take their own shape over time, rather than forcing a shape onto the material, Muyeul intends to include the feel of the hand-print into the work, and allowing the designer's feelings and technique to influence each product individually.

Instagram - MYK_STUDIO


Berlin, Germany

llot llov’s design is both functional and emotional. Often playful, always visionary, they work conceptually to aesthetically improve our day-to-day world. Their guiding principles are: Content, efficiency, clarity and sustainability. Usefulness is a priority without foregoing complexity.

llot llov’s work is mostly application-oriented. Their products and interior designs are determined by the choice of materials and their specific composition. Suppliers from Germany, the neighbouring states and the use of local structures are de rigueur for the team.


Houthalen, Belgium

Tim Vranken is a Belgian furniture designer who focuses on solid, handmade furniture. Throughout his designs, the use of pure materials and honest natural processes are paramount. The result is an unconcealed interplay of lines and shapes, without the slightest frills.

Tim’s aim as a designer is to create a refined piece of furniture so that it does not need anything other than itself to create harmony.

To make sure the furniture meets up to all of his ideas, Tim builds every piece himself.

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