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Zurich, Switzerland

Born in Offenbach am Main, Germany (1991), now lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Marie works with industrial production processes in which she pushes the boundaries of dimensionality and materiality.

This led to a focused exploration of movement, space and architecture. She set up her studio in 2017 and was nominated for the swiss design awards.


Berlin, Germany

Studio Maertens is a Berlin Based Interdisciplinary Industrial Design Studio focusing on Product Design, Product Consulting and Digital Imagery.


Mexico City, Mexico

Montserrat Piña Benetts (1992, Mexico) is an industrial designer based in Mexico City, interested in exploring the idea of ​​love for objects, through a design language that delights the senses and creates a connection with users that go beyond materiality.

She has a trajectory of more than 5 years in furniture and interior design, in which she has sought to base her practice on chromatic experimentation, with a strong conceptual background.

Instagram: mpbenetts

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