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Satomi Minoshima


Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Combining the 2D graphic and 3D material world:

Satomi Minoshima is a Japanese designer based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. She creates concepts based on her design research. Minoshima is inspired by materials, colour, history and production processes which already exist within the content of the topics she is fascinated by. Her approach combines visual communication between the 2-dimensional graphic world and 3-dimensional material world to materialise products, such as art pieces, installations, illustrations, and books.


Inflatable Leather is a furniture series from Eindhoven-based designer Satomi Minoshima. The collection is based on the practicality and functionality of inflatable pieces but conceived in a more permanent way. Satomi notices that inflatable pieces are often temporary or seen as a quick fix for less than ordinary situations.

Using a high quality leather, Satomi adds value and permanence to the pieces.

Explore the work of Satomi Minoshima by clicking any of the images.

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