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Sipyeong Lee

Sipyeong Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Sipyeong Lee is an artist based in Seoul who combines various conceptual elements to create a harmoniously blended piece of art. He particularly emphasizes the object’s unique nature and values balanced composition. Not limited to a specific field, but having accumulated skills in various fields ranging from product to furniture, craftwork, space and graphic design, he views the world with a broad horizon and crosses boundaries between design and art.

Inlay Series - Sipyeong Lee

Inlay is a technique that inserts various unique materials into the concave surface of the original object. Using inlay technique, Sipyeong Lee made up of leather and iron plates, which are different materials to one surface. The users can separate this furniture that seems to be one unit into two units for their convenience, and the inlaid leather on the upper part be tanned drastically than the leather on the side part-cut section due to user's contact and environment over time. Through these changes and contrasts, Sipyeong Lee wanted to show the relationship between two different materials.

Phases of the Moon - Sipyeong Lee

When looking at the moon, we think of the face of someone we miss or make a wish that we cherish for a long time. As the mirror is an object we often look at, I thought that the mirror could adequately capture the features and abstract representation of the moon. While leather absorbs light and grows tanned over time, the mirror reflects light to consistently project our images.

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