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Stone Stackers

Stone Stackers

Rome, Italy

Creatively reused and reassembled:

Brainchild of Italian-based husband-and-wife duo Shilpa Srinivas and Paolo Ciacci, Stone Stackers is a young brand wedded to the ethics of sustainability through its singular marble collections. Their partnership with renowned marble company Simeg Marmi gives artists access to discarded marble chunks, which are creatively reused and reassembled in artful designs coupling exceptional functionality and seductive aesthetics. The freedom intrinsic to the crafting process is embodied in every single piece, which is unrivaled in its execution and will withstand the test of time.

SSC103 - Stone Stackers

Original console with an elegant & sophisticated shape enriched by decorative but functional solid marble at the base. This modern piece is composed of three panels that form the top and the legs in Calacatta Oro, with the structural element in Verde Alpi.

SST004 - Stone Stackers

This coffee table features two main Cipollino Verde marble slabs, which are admirably shaped directly by previous productions. These two slabs are connected to each other by two elements in Calacatta Oro marble. The coarse finish and the randomness of the shapes define the beauty of the object.

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