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Milan, Italy

Experimental design where materials dominate:

Studio intervallo creates furniture and interior design. All its creations are painstakingly researched with a thorough use of full and empty spaces.

For this reason, it could only exist between the fullness of the city of Milan and the emptiness of the countryside around it, in a place which is also ideal for meditating, as well as a stimulating anteroom to creative thinking.

This unusual location’s aura successfully blends with the projects of studiointervallo, thus enriching them with nature in a final true epiphany which is the very soul of each single creation.

Founded by Andrea Ghisoni, the studio pursues the perfect blending of essential lines with the brightness of the shapes and and the nobility of true craftsmanship; the overall goals would be to just make people happy.

BOGDAN Console - Studio Intervallo

A mono-materic and monolithic piece of furniture, characterized only by a distinguished color line that defines its perimeter and shape.

The cones at the base, arranged in circle to create a single visual element, support the top that is configured as the unifying part of what raises it.

The colored milled-edge ribs, embellish and complete the top, creating, together with the legs, plays of chiaroscuro all around.

Explore the work of StudioIntervallo by clicking any of the images.

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