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Milan, Italy

The grounding of dreamlike visions:

StudioNotte was born in 2019 in Milan and focuses on designing products and furnishings for the home. The two founders, Luisa Alpeggiani and Camila Campos, share a passion for experimenting with different production techniques and materials, which often lead them to becoming directly involved in the production chain.

The expressive language they adopt in their projects comes from the intertwining of different cultures, from the contamination of the most disparate disciplines, and from the grounding of dreamlike visions, in order to establish a dialogue that is capable of arousing fascination and surprise.

BERAB - StudioNotte

For the Berab collection, StudioNotte has been inspired by the precious stones of the Brazilian territory, dedicating to it a series of vases in warm and bright

colours. Experimenting with chromatic contrasts and harmonies between glossy and opaque, smooth and multifaceted surfaces, synthetic and electric stones have been created. In the colored resin bases, striped glasses that filter reflect and cut the light are set, conferring a seductive charm to the objects stored inside.

Berab M2 Vase composed of a light pink resin base that takes its base colour from rose quartz, one of the most common stones in Brazil and yellow glass walls that fit inside the base.

Berab M4 Vase in resin and striped glass, part of the Berab collection that takes inspiration from Brazilian gems, this one in particular from the orange of the Madeira Citrine.

M3 Vase of the Berab collection in resin and striped glass that dedicates the plum colour of the resin base to the pink Tourmaline, gem of the Brazilian territory.

Berab M1 Vase which takes inspiration from Brazilian stones, this in particular from the Imperial Topaz.

Container composed of a yellow resin base and plum colored glass walls that fit inside the base.

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