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'In Search of Lost Time'

We are pleased to announce our next physical exhibition. As part of the 4th edition of Lake Como Design Festival (from 17 to 25 September), an event that holds exhibitions, talks and events in historical and unpublished places in the Como area, Movimento presents "In Search of Lost Time".

‘In Search of Lost Time’ is an exhibition of 21st century design set within a backdrop of neo-classicalism; the stark contrast between the two ideas asking questions of time, perception and reflection.

The exhibition is curated by Artefatto Design Studio while the set design has been conceived by Greta Cevenini.

“In Search of Lost Time” will be hosted in one of the striking pieces of architecture chosen by the Lake Como Design Festival: Villa Gallia.

We would like to extend thanks to our press partners Domingo Communication as well as technical partners Italstand.

Join us from the 17th-25th of September to discover ‘In Search of Lost Time’.

List of Participants:

Arequipe (Italy)

AuchKatzStudio (France)

Celo.1 (Italy)

Charlotte Anne Declercq (Belgium)

Dean Norton (Australian)

Federica Elmo (Italy)

Gerlach & Heilig (Germany)

Hayden Richér (USA)

Intervallo (Italy)

Jordan Fleming (Australia)

Joseph Yang (South Korea)

Juliana Maurer (Germany)

LLOT LLOV (Germany)

Max Funkat (Germany)

Mesut Ozturk (France)

Milena Kling (Germany)

Millim Studio (Italy)

Min Park (South Korea)

MP Benetts (Mexico)

Morgane Avéus (UK)

Neemesi (Italy)

Panorammma Atelier (Mexico)

Sarah Murphy (USA)

sashaxsasha (Russia)

Satomi Minoshima (The Netherlands)

Secolo (Italy)

Solène Bonnet (France)

Stone Stackers (Italy)

Studio F (Italy)

Studio Zero (Italy)

Tellurico (The Netherlands)

Tim Vranken (Belgium)

Victor Hahner (Germany)

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