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With what’s going on in Ukraine, our hearts are with all those who have lost friends, family members, homes and with anyone facing uncertain times ahead, to put it lightly. We write this with gratitude for the situations we find ourselves in and for the fact that we can go on living our normal lives, knowing our homes will still be there when we get home from work.

Maryam Turkey writes about her Oikos project,

“While working on this series in April 2020, I was reflecting on the idea of a “home” as I see it evolve as I grow and especially during the pandemic. A connection occurred to the feeling of being stuck at home and spending so much time under the same walls. Before, I experienced it under curfews in Baghdad for safety reasons during and consistently after the war in 2003. While now I experienced that feeling again but for distinct reasons that are familiar yet different.”

Home to some of us is the building we grew up in, the building we sleep in and wake up in, but home, above all, is our refuge. Home is where you feel sheltered and safe from the outside world. That physical place that, even if we leave for a long time, we know will always welcome and protect us.

These days, however, these certainties collapse. The psychological mechanisms that associate the home with a safe haven are disintegrating, just like the houses themselves.

Oikos wants to explore just this: the sensations and emotions that bind us to the home, how they change according to what surrounds us: first the pandemic, then the war.

A mixture of clay made up of paper, plaster and resin which contains all the sensations and contrasts of these very complex years. The result is a product that in turn creates a contrast. A contrast between simple, geometric shapes and an uneven, perhaps uncertain, hand-sculpted material.

Oikos - Maryam Turkey

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