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Milan Design Week

Today marks the welcome return of Milan Design Week, a huge deal for all of us. It’s beginning to feel like normality is returning to the design world (apart from the fact that it’s in September, of course).

Those visiting will no doubt have a long list of ‘must sees’ for the week which will have you running between 5via, Rho fiera, Isola, Brera, Tortona and elsewhere fueled only by €1 espresso and piadine. There is so much to see in every district, so in order to make it easy for you to discover some amazing design, we have compiled a list of where our members will be exhibiting during the fair so that you can check out some of the amazing work these guys are doing.

We have also created a map with all of the exhibitions marked, you can find this by following this link. OPEN MAP

Celo.1 presents Inevitable Future

Via Santa Marta, 18

‘Inevitable future’ reflects the relationship between cosmic events and the human perception of past, present and future.

The mirror is comprised of three areas - the outer ring reflects that which is in front, the dark shaded area acts as a transition between this and the central part of the mirror which is transparent glass.

‘Inevitable Future’ can be found as part of Matter to Dream exhibition in 5 Vie.

Bhulls presents their Aluminium Collection

Via Filippo Sassetti

Bhulls presents the Indebuurt armchair enriched by custom accessories (the result of our latest collaboration with the dutch textile artist Beatrice Waanders) and BT01 coffee table. These two pieces, each of them belonging to a different section of collection, best represent our design philosophy and reflect the concept of the entire collection. The two pieces will be on display at Isola Design gallery at Fabbrica Sassetti.

Katryna Sadauskaite

Makers Show - Fiera Milano

“The Makers Show is a section of “supersalone,” the special Salone del Mobile.Milano event curated by Stefano Boeri and dedicated to designer-makers from all over the world. Featuring workshops, studios, laboratories and start-ups that bring together design and experimentation, new production techniques and materials research in order to produce their own projects. Their contribution to the overall exhibition will make the diversity of the world of creative living even more exhaustive. The idea is to build up a collective picture of the status quo of independent design and the direction it’s taking.”

Jiří Krejčiřík

Rossana Orlandi Gallery - Via Matteo Bandello

Every year, Rossana Orlandi Gallery is filled with exciting, extravagant and eclectic new design. This year is no different. One of the exhibitors there is Jiří Krejčiřík who will exhibit his Odyssey and Kalokagathos coffee tables.

These tables are part of a larger collection titled ‘Eclecticism’, in which Jiri pursues the relation between history and the present.


Via Tortona, 31

Visit 'The New Belgians' in Tortona to discover work from Arne Desmet (Fractall.) and other emerging Belgian Designers. This initiative is part of a larger operation that includes the film “The Object becomes” presented in the Fuorisalone and the Belgian Design Map, a digital guide which brings together all the Belgian initiatives in Milan during the design week. Opificio 31 will also be a meeting point for Belgians in Milan. All the information can be found on the new website Belgium is Design.

Guiseppe Arezzi

Via di Porta Tenaglia, 7

At Milan Design Week, Pianca & Partners contract hub is making space for the new generation of designers with a setting dedicated to the work of 3 Italian young talents: Giuseppe Arezzi, Maddalena Selvini and Flatwig Studio. It is the first event of the "Emerging Lines" format, conceived by the Milanese network to promote the creativity of the future.


Via Bolzano, 28b

Secolo furniture brand is opening it's showroom doors for the first time. The new showroom will feature works from the most recent collection as well as past favourites. Appointments available all of this week.

Martina Taranto presents Panazzo

Via Tortona, 27

Panazzo is a series of objects from the fiber of the prickly pear. The collection is included in the selection curated by Silvana Annicchiarico for the exhibition called DONNE & DESIGN.

Haus Otto

Via Filippo Sassetti, 31

Haus Otto will present two new products at Milan Design Week this year. Stair Shelf and EN312. Stair Shelf will be showcased at the “The Stage Four” exhibition. EN312 will be showcased at the “TLGS - Class of 2020/21” exhibition.


ALCOVA - Via Simone Saint Bon, 1

Llotllov are presenting in two different spots in the beautiful location of Alcova. They are presenting new forms of the famous FRAN lights and the OSIS surface at "Hairy and Salty" in Room L5 as well as their Cream Light Installation in room A11A as part of the "Reflect Upcycling" show.


Via Tortona, 35 Via S. Marco, 22 Via Cesare Balbo, 32

CARA\DAVIDE are presenting in three different locations during Milan Design Week. They are presenting pieces from their new series ‘Archivio’ at CTMP Design Auction as well as at a discussion between Rick Owens and emerging Italian designers. You can also find their new piece Fucina at nhow Hotels. Fucina is a sculptural vessel printed with a thick wood-based filament which creates an irregular, layered texture.

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