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New Collaborations


Long-term collaborators and friends of MOVIMENTO - CARA \ DAVIDE have presented us with two new collaborations of theirs from the past few months. One piece in wood and one in marble but both showing the idiosyncratic simplicity and purity of the studio.


for Mille997

With its naive aspect and lack of hierarchy in volume and form, the Lato side table in Azul Macaubas is characterized by a specific visual tension created by a single protruded side. The clarity of the construction renders the object both humble and graphic as the exposed borders illustrate its volumetric presence, outlined by the material itself.


for Radici Home

Tavola is a simple yet sophisticated side table defined by a composition of solid planks that overlap over three axes to create a characteristic void detail.

The layered MDF accentuates the borders and fills the gaps with a graphic texture. The transparent matt finish allows visibility of the construction and material texture.

Explore more from CARA \ DAVIDE by clicking any of the images.

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