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San Francisco, USA

“inspired by the craft traditions and object culture of their hometowns in India”

soft-geometry, was founded by Utharaa Zacharias & Palaash Chaudhary.

Zacharias and Chaudhary are Indian designers based in San Francisco, with a focus on collectible furniture, lighting and objects. Their collaborative studio practice is centered around softness and hand-making, inspired by the craft traditions and object culture of their hometowns in India.

Zacharias and Chaudhary moved to the United States to pursue their Masters in Furniture and Industrial design respectively from Savannah College of Art & Design and started their studio, soft-geometry shortly after.


Molecule comprises sister sculptures that create new geometries from a recurring, recognizable fragment. Dotted with holes, the structures explore the capacity of the repeating torus and its variations, for both transparency and solidity. The resulting composition is an apparently solid thing, a collection of holes held together, suggestive of a box but devoid of its corners or planes, simultaneously delicate and rigid. Its whimsical architecture mildly suggestive of its use as table, pedestal, vase or vessel.

Molecule draws inspiration from the kaleidoscopic patterns of handmade Athangudi tiles from South India, distinctive in their repeating circle and flower patterns of saturated colour. In repetition, both of form and process, Molecule finds its softness.


Elio is a pursuit of soft light, of recreating in physical form the soft, iridescent glow of light diffusing through uneven transparencies. Inspired by an informal photo series documenting the play of light on glass, water, skin, and dust, Elio lamps are stacks of translucent, tubular, cast resin that mimic interactions of natural light on uneven transparencies. The lamps look to create a soft glow using frosted sugar jellies as a visual reference and Its singular bend is a small ode to Eileen Grey’s Bibendum lounge.

Explore the work of Soft-Geometry by clicking any of the images.

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