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  • Dragon Shelf is a shelf-unit that is entirely crafted from massive Black Walnut (Noce Canaletto). This object can be used as a display unit for collectibles or as a bookshelf. Each horizontal surface has a unique design that is a result of distorted images of baroque ornamentation, while the V shaped pillar-like vertical elements are referencing brutalist architectural pillars. These two visual worlds are unified by the use of solid walnut treated with natural oils keeping the dark and reddish essence of the selected wooden piece.



    Dragon Shelf

    • Designer: Daniel Nikolovski

      Country of Origin: North Macedonia

      Dimensions (cm): 80 x 28 x H 125

      Price: excl. VAT

      This product is made entirely out of massive black walnut and is being transported fully fixed i.e. mounted. The manufacturing is a combination of manual work and CNC. For the finishing of this product, a water-based coating/lacquer has been used.
      Instruction for cleaning: Clean the product with specific wood floor cleaners or dry cleaning or water cleaning.