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  • BOO is a series of side tables or sitting objects consisting of six bubbles. The forms of the individual elements can be influenced but predominantly arise from chance combinations of external factors. Baumann provides the framework in which the shapes develop throughout the production process and thus grants each piece the opportunity to find its own composition.

    The gentle translucency of the resin imparts the forms with an intriguing radiance and fluidity, their smooth matt surface is inviting to the touch. The organic and asymmetrical forms balance atop four polished brass spheres.



    BOO Honey

    • Designer: Henry Baumann

      Country of Origin: Germany

      Dimensions (cm): 30x30x49 cm

      Price: excl. VAT

      Each stool from this series consists of 6 bubbles. Henry is guiding the shape, but the exact shape is, because of the manufacturing process, given by coincidence. Each piece is a one-off. The material is resin and any colour combination is possible.