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  • "Malmö-based designer Kajsa Willner employs traditional handcraft methods to fashion unconventional, cutting-edge objects. Crafted through an intuitive artisanal process, Willner's creations are guided by the uniqueness and singularity of each piece of waste wood, resulting in an aesthetic expression that explores the intersection between sculptural form, functional object, and production. 

    This approach was born from her previous solo exhibition titled 'Crafted Potential' in 2023, where she explored repurposing industrial waste from furniture production. Among the five case studies presented in the exhibition was one focused on upcycling waste wood into new objects, including the development of the yellow vase. 
     Initially introduced in the collection showcased under the case study 'Upcycling' at the exhibition 'Crafted Potential,' the red vase serves as a foundational model for subsequent collections that Willner has since brought into handmade sculptural small-scale production.



    Crafted Potential Wine

    • Designer: Kajsa Willner

      Country of Origin: Sweden

      Dimensions (cm): 30 x 30 x 40 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT

      Sculptural compositions of handmade objects made out of waste wood pieces in various size and type. Glued and screwed together, then coated in color.