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  • Malmö-based designer Kajsa Willner employs traditional handcraft methods to fashion unconventional, cutting-edge objects. Crafted through an intuitive artisanal process, Willner's creations are guided by the uniqueness and singularity of each piece of waste wood, resulting in an aesthetic expression that explores the intersection between sculptural form and functional object. The green vase was developed as part of a small collection in collaboration with HOPE sthlm during the Stockholm Furniture Fair, showcased at their store at Götgatan in Stockholm. The free craft technique used in creating the green vase originates from one of the case studies presented in Willner's 2023 solo exhibition, 'Crafted Potential.' That involved various approaches for repurposing industrial waste from furniture production. Since then, Willner has continued to apply this approach of upcycling wood into extended collections and lines, managing a handmade small-scale production of sculptural pieces. This dedication to sustainability and craftsmanship brings back the essence of Craft Punk, a movement that celebrates the artistry and individuality of handmade objects.




    • Designer: Kajsa Willner

      Country of Origin: Sweden

      Dimensions (cm): 30 x 30 x 45 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT

      Sculptural compositions of handmade objects made out of waste wood pieces in various size and type. Glued and screwed together, then coated in color.