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  • The advantage of inflatable products is that they are light and portable. We usually tend to buy inflatable furniture products for temporary use and is often seen as a quick fix for less ordinary situations. However, they usually don't stay in space for a long time as interior pieces.


    Inflatable Leather is an inflatable furniture series that can be used longer in interior space. The chairs are all covered with real leather. Leather is a natural material, rich with texture and has a long lifespan. The more it is used and aged, the more the value increases. This makes the value of the inflatable furniture rise with time.




    Inflatable Leather Pouf

    • Designer: Satomi Minoshima

      Country of Origin: The Netherlands

      Dimensions (cm): 90 x 90 x 42 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT

      - Real leather, tire tube.

      - each piece is handmade at the atelier.

      - This product is made of natural materials. The scars and uneven colors are the characteristics of the original leather material.

      - This piece is for indoors not for outdoor.

      - It's necessary to inflate when the piece is deflated after using it for a long time.