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  • Oikos is a collection of tables and/ or stools. In ancient Greek the word Oikos means a house or a private property.

    "While working on this series in April 2020, I was reflecting on the idea of a “home” as I see it evolve as I grow and especially during the pandemic. A connection occurred to the feeling of being stuck at home and spending so much time under the same walls. Before, I experienced it under curfews in Baghdad for safety reasons during and consistently after the war in 2003. While now I experienced that feeling again but for distinct reasons that are familiar yet different."




    Oikos 1

    • Designer: Maryam Turkey

      Country of Origin: USA

      Dimensions (cm): H46 x W46 x D46cm

      Price: excl. VAT

      "I chose to develop my own clay mixture that consists of paper, plaster and resin. My aim was to reach an innovative material that has a ceramic looking finish, yet achieves geometric forms without forcing the material. I am visually fascinated by the contrast of simple geometric forms in a hand sculpted material."


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