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  • Beginning as a collection of doodles of creatures, Bright Things evolved into objects that are big enough to become their own character, open a small porthole into the fantasy world that bubbles away in all our daydreams. The lampshades act as bodies with protruding legs, giving them theatrical personalities as if each is a character in its own pantomime.

    Bright Things are your friends and our friends. They stand alongside us, brightly animated, and full of strange life and enigmatic charge.



    Bright Things Metallic

    • Designer: Jordan Fleming

      Country of Origin: Australia

      Dimensions (cm): 50 x 100 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT

      The Bright Things organic, mushroom-like forms are hand-built with layers of sculpting plaster and custom mixed with raw pigments. The result is an unstandardized and unapologetically hand-made, rough-hewn surface. Believing that people are drawn to imperfections, Fleming’s lamps have a warm and earthy texture. They reveal the mark of the designer in each lamp’s unique development in which no two are the same.

      Sold with E27 light fitting