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  • Concave Convex Mirror is an open edition piece created for Alt Material Exhibition, part of NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) Melbourne Design Week 2020. The brief was to design an object of use in response to the theme DUCTILITY, exploring materiality and fabrication, reimagining our relationship with a ductile material and its adaptability. Concave Convex Mirror is an illusion piece, demonstrating movement within a brittle, non-ductile material, challenging the viewers perception of form when approach / viewed from different angles. When viewed at eye level from left to right at a 45° angle, the mirror appears to bend inwards and protrude outwards, reflecting the curved form of the outer steel frame.



    Concave Convex Mirror

    • Designer: Dean Norton

      Country of Origin: Australia

      Dimensions (cm):  Dia 46 x 7 d

      Price: excl. VAT


      Mild steel spun over a custom timber mould with recessed smoke grey illusion mirror.

      Frame – Raw Polished Mild Steel

      Mirror – Recessed Smoke Grey Illusion Mirror – Toughened/Laminated