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  • The Dragon Bench is a part of a mini collection consisted of furniture pieces handcrafted entirely out of massive Black Walnut (Noce Canaletto), characterised by petite proportions - intended to fit in smaller urban apartments, while stylistically looking monumental.
    The design consists of two contrasting geometries: one originating from internet images of baroque ornamentation and second originating from modern architectural pillar-like structures. These two visual worlds are unified by the use of solid walnut treated with oils keeping the natural dark essence of the carefully selected wooden piece.



    Dragon Bench

    • Designer: Daniel Nikolovski

      Country of Origin: North Macedonia

      Dimensions (cm): 160 x 28.5 x H 31.5

      Price: excl. VAT

      This product is made entirely out of massive black walnut and is being transported fullyfixed i.e. mounted. The manufacturing is a combination of manual work and CNC. For thefinishing of this product, a water-based coating/lacquer has been used.Instruction for cleaning: Clean the product with specific wood floor cleaners or on dry or with water.