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  • Green Dresser is inspired by the mineral and organic world. Its forms and its colors speculate on other worlds where art and design cohabit. Always fascinated by attraction and repulsion and in a sensitive relationship to the mineral and natural world, the Green Dresser mixed sensuality and spontaneity.The aesthetic can be described as an improvisational, process-based approach that runs counter to industrial mass production. This unique piece is made by hand and it aims to strengthen our emotional connection with our domestic environment.



    Green Dresser

    • Designer: AuchKatz Studio

      Country of Origin: France

      Dimensions (cm): 50 x 40 x 61(H)

      Price: excl. VAT

      Green Dresser is a unique functional sculpture cut from a block of recycled polystyrene. The piece is entirely made by hand with respect for the environment.
      Jesmonite (a bio-composite material without solvents or VOC) combined with vegetal fiber covers the the polystyrene. Natural pigments have been added to the Jesmonite to color it.
      Then, once dry, the Jesmonite was sanded to reveal the different strata of colors used during the process. A water-based varnish covers the piece and transforms it into a kind of precious stone from the future.
      (Clean with a damp cloth. Above all, do not use any maintenance product, Ok in/outdoors).