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  • Art et Floritude and the Artefatto collaborated to create this unique light piece. Artefatto combined their deep understanding of Art et Floritude’s traditional know-how and craftsmanship with their artistic knowledge and intuitions to create a wall light art that captures well-known trends of the interior design world while being innovative in its own right.



    Sketch mini

    • Designer: Art et floritude

      Country of Origin: France

      Dimensions (cm): 42 x 60

      Price: excl. VAT


      This wall light sculpture is composed of the juxtaposition of flat oval pieces made of steel. These pieces can be re-arranged by hand to add depth and movement. This, along with the black line drawn by our artist’s hand around the whole sculpture, guarantees the unicity of each piece.

      Each piece of art goes through the hands of six experienced craftspeople as part of our manufacturing process.