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  • Our surrounding natural landscape inspired the concept behind Slope table. The surface of earth is evermore manipulated to suit growing cities and infrastructure, as we see only less of it. To technically describe the landscape we use topographic maps that rely on contours and layers to depict earth’s threedimensional surface in two dimensions. The non-uniform shapes of the table are interpretations of such maps, where each component refers to a “layer” or section as if it were peeled out of the scenery.
    The Slope table is crafted from hardwood using CNC-milling and finished by hand to achieve exceptional quality. The material holds deep, rich tones that are emphasized with a dark oil. The unique authenticity of the material creates a vibrant and lively appearance. The blend of technology and the organic design underpins a meeting between man and nature.





    Slope Table

    • Designer: Sofie Østerby

      Country of Origin: Denmark

      Dimensions (cm): Ø100 x H35 cm

      Price: excl. VAT

      The Slope table is made by a Danish workshop with a focus on responsible wood sourcing. It is CNC milled and finished by hand. The surface is treated with a dark oil that enhances its appearance and repels dirt. To maintain the table, it should only be cleaned with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth. The Slope table is available in one size.