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  •  Project St0OL23 combines both elements. The practicality of the stool combined with the lightheartedness of its individual parts are put together to form a new and unexpected piece. Once he has defined the core idea, he allows instinctive choices and happenings and fosters a playful exchange with the materials. His role is to provide the framework and the actual to allow the work to find its own shape and self. During this process stubborn deformations emerge, he encourages and enjoy these uncontrollable aspects and see them as particularly valuable. They give variation and spontaneous new directions to the work, meaning that at the beginning the result is unclear, but develops during the process.



    BOO (Barbie)

    • Designer: Henry Baumann

      Country of Origin: Germany

      Dimensions (cm): 30x30x49 cm

      Price: excl. VAT

      Each stool from this series consists of 6 bubbles. Henry is guiding the shape, but the exact shape is, because of the manufacturing process, given by coincidence. Each piece is a one-off. The material is resin and any colour combination is possible.