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  • Take Two is a part of a limited series of hand-sculpted objects constructed from paper infused with brutalism. Take Two is a two-part floor mirror that allows you to take second glance. The raw material reveals it's tactile textural character, owing much to the organic edges that surround the interior of the mirrors. This mirror is a part of an ensemble that is an ode to the indigenous craft of Paper Mache in Kashmir, India.



    Take Two Mirror

    • Designer: Vahe Ensemble

      Country of Origin: India

      Dimensions (cm): 3.4 x 36 x 168

      3.4 x 36 x 135

      Price: excl. VAT

      Each piece is meticulously hand crafted and dried in the sun. Keep the product indoors and away from damp surfaces and interiors. Clean the mirrors, gently and carefully so as to not wet the paper pulp edges. For the paper pulp we advise cleaning with a microfiber cloth. As a result of hand crafted production, products may have minor variations.