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  • The Alpagota is an indigenous Italian sheep with a thick and wavy coat, with a color that varies from the prevalent yellow to brownish. The design of the blanket and its particular pattern have a charming story connected to the past and ancient gestures. Thanks to its characteristics, the Alpago sheep has a triple productive attitude: meat, wool, but also milk. For counting the quantity of milk, hazelnut sticks were engraved on roman numbers corresponding to the kilos of milk. The stick, called Tessera, was then divided into two: one part remained with the owner while the other with the one who kept the accounts. Like the Tessera, our blanket is made up of two parts, the two together showing the signs used for counting the milk.




    • Designer: ruga.perissinotto

      Country of Origin: Italy

      Dimensions (cm): 150 x 220

      Price: excl. VAT

      -100% Italian wool from Alpago

      -Natural color wool, no dyed process applied on fabric

      -Each blanket is made of single wool parts stitched together

      -Fully handmade stitches