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  • Standardized, but not standardized.
    exists a frame, but creating a new frame from there.
    called the same, built can be different.

    TWO-BY SERIES is works made by stacking layers of structural wood called two-by SPUSE.
    Just like stone masonry, standardized two-by woods repeats stacking.
    Through the repetitive process, it is reminiscent of the work technique of abstract painting that returns to the basics of the structure (dot-line-surface) and approaches the pure sculpture of the material.

    They are reinterpreted in the natural pure form of the material across the function.
    The purpose of use is no longer important.
    The way to utilize them found in the construction site is to minimize the demand for function and to realize the beauty of free form.



    Two-by Series Chair

    • Designer: Joseph Yang

      Country of Origin: South Korea

      Dimensions (cm): 39 x 28 x 147 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT

      TWO-BY SERIES is made by stacking layers of structural wood called SPUSE.

      They use wood that has been dried for more than three months to minimize distortion.

      The Nak-Song finishing process refers to the repeated process of burning and brushing their surfaces with the finishing of traditional Korean wood, which not only highlights the beautiful texture of the wood surface but also makes deep colors.